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Locate Individuals

Finding missing persons can be frustrating and difficult. We have a broad range of skills and methods to find them.

Surveillance Services

Whether you need a moving surveillance or a stakeout, we have the tools and investigators ready to assist.

Background Checks

Finding out who someone really is or discovering important things about their past can give you peace of mind.

Why Choose Us?

At Campos Investigations we pride ourselves on our 5-Star rating on Google and being chosen as one of the Top Private Investigation Firms in Fort Lauderdale. We’re also a 100% woman-owned business in a male-dominated industry.

The truth is most subjects don’t expect a woman to be conducting a professional investigation and that works in our favor. Female investigators do have a slight advantage over men when it comes to some types of investigative work.

We know how to use the differences between the sexes to our advantage, and in turn to your advantage. We run a tight surveillance operation and are able to blend into our environment. We can go places where men can’t and yet still remain discreet. When interviewing a witness or knocking on a door, people trust a friendly face. Our natural intuition and ’emotional intelligence’ enable us to think outside the box, see the ‘big picture’ and discover evidence or information that is overlooked.

Clients who choose our surveillance services tell us they feel more comfortable knowing a woman is following their loved one or checking on their children rather than a man. If the subject is female they will be much more aware of anyone following them around and why. Investigative work of any nature requires discretion and being a female private investigator is a giant advantage.

We work legally and ethically. With care and compassion.

If you need any investigative help contact us.

We’re a licensed, full service Private Investigation firm with experience.

We want our clients to achieve the best possible outcome with the least
amount of anguish associated with their investigation. We want to offer you
peace of mind and fact based answers you deserve.

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Experienced Investigators

At Campos Investigations, we are committed to customer satisfaction. We treat every case with the utmost discretion; uphold client confidentiality; keep our rates as competitive as possible; work diligently until a case is resolved; and provide excellent customer service.

Confidential & Discreet

We handle unique cases, from small to complex and high-profile investigative matters that deal with extremely sensitive matters. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Our investigators are highly trained, professional, and experienced. Call us for a complimentary consultation to discuss the options available to you.

Private Investigator Broward County


We use the best equipment and techniques to discover every piece of information needed to uncover the truth for our clients. Our investigators utilize the very latest technology to provide our clients with real-time updates, subject activity, and location reporting throughout the case until final resolution.

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We’re available to help answer any questions you may have. Take advantage of our free initial consultation.

Areas of Expertise

Personal Investigations | Surveillance Services | Missing Person Locates | Background Investigations |
Adoption Searches | Legal Case Support | Infidelity Investigations | and much more..

We are highly skilled, highly trained professional investigators. We believe women have a distinct advantage in this field as no one expects a woman to be conducting investigations, or thinks twice about a female sitting in a car outside a house or property. People are less threatened and suspicious, which makes it easier to find out information. We specialize in discreet, undercover surveillance, civil and criminal case support and a wide range of unique investigation services.

If you don’t see the type of investigation you need listed here, send us a quick message for a quick answer.

Trustworthy Service. Reliable Results.

Our services are performed in compliance with local, state and federal law. We take pride in working with an ethical focus to provide honest and excellent investigative work. We deal with extremely sensitive and confidential matters. If you need a simple or complex investigation or services, suspect infidelity or other types of suspicious behavior, do not wait another moment to seek the truth. We are your best choice.

Infidelity Investigations

There is nothing more frustrating than suspecting that someone close to you is betraying your trust. Without evidence, suspicions may not be enough to take decisive action. We help uncover the truth about anyone.

Child Custody and Divorce

Don’t get mad, get proof. We get evidence of neglect, abuse, likely drug use, gambling, or other illegal/immoral activities. This can help you with your divorce or child custody case.

Services for Attorneys

We can help strengthen your client’s case with the evidence we collect during our comprehensive investigation.

Locate Individuals

A missing person search seeks to locate parties like long lost friends, lovers, relatives. In cases of adoption, we search for birth parents or for children given up for adoption.

Surveillance Services

Do you suspect that your spouse is having an affair? Do you have concerns about a potential business partner or fraud issue? If so, our private investigators can provide the comprehensive surveillance services you need.

Background Investigations

Background investigations reveal and uncover hidden information including financial history, criminal records, employment and education records, and more.


When a South Florida woman became the victim of car theft, she requested the help of Campos Investigations to help her locate her belongings.

“Yesterday morning, when I came out, I looked, and the car was gone,” said Gina Vlasek, the victim.

Vlasek’s cellphone was inside the car when it was stolen.

Her friend, Ana Campos, is a private investigator that helped her search for her car.

“She said, ‘Give me your Google password,’” said Vlasek.

“Give me your password,” said Campos.


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